Meet Adrienne

After years of experience working with chaotic people and people in chaotic circumstances, and for children’s charities, I was unfortunate to witness the effect of poor mental health personally; my daughter was bed-bound for many years which lead to the whole family suffering in different ways. I remember standing crying in the kitchen, hearing her call out for help, knowing I would have to paint on a happy face before I walked through her door.

Those feelings drove me to become a change coach. I learned Hypnotherapy, NLP, Emotional Detox and Kinetic Shift techniques hoping these skills would help her, however the further I travelled along that journey the more I realised it was helping me; that I was central to what was happening around me; I was the common denominator in my day, therefore, I could create the ripple effect and bring about the changes we all needed.

And I can help you do the same.

I can help bring you back to a more authentic self, shifting to a place of empowerment, where we get you recentered and ready to take the next steps. Steps that will create your own ripples. Steps that take you forward to the life you will now feel happier living.