How are sessions conducted?


Sessions are conducted via zoom. I would ask that you have downloaded this before the planned session.

Earphones are handy to have ready to pop in.

Some like to have a pillow for their lap.

It’s best to have your mobile or tablet propped up as you won’t be able to hold during your session.


Will you make me do something with which I am not comfortable?


If you have ever attended a hypnotherapy stage show, you will have an understanding of the power of hypnosis.

The effects in a show are timed to end however a therapy session is designed to last. The effects will keep going over time.

Everyone experiences sessions differently. Some remember everything, some nothing at all. There is no right or wrong.


How many sessions will I need?


It’s difficult to know prior to your discovery call as I need to know what you have been facing to design an effective treatment plan to resolve, reset and restore.