Weight Management

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Weight Management

  • Do you find yourself eating to pacify your emotions?
  • Do you start a diet with positive intentions only to fall back into old eating habits?
  • Do you ever reach for a treat and then STOP and think “I don’t know why I am eating this.” Snacking has becoming an unconscious act. A habit.

By using different NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques we can reset how you could be misusing food. We can restore a positive relationship with food, free from the entanglement of emotion.

Perhaps you may even just need to realign the mental image you have of yourself and be able to see yourself as others see you.

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Weight Management

I have had some hypnotherapy and change therapies from Adrienne over the past few weeks. The latest being a Hypno Gastric band.. it has been absolutely amazing. I can’t describe how fantastic I now feel. Adrienne tailored my hypnosis to my specific goals. I WAS a sugar addict. I’m looking forward to a new healthier ME.

I woke up and went to make my usual morning coffee. Lifted the sugar and went to spoon the usual two scoops in and I couldn’t. All I could hear and feel was the triggers Adrienne set. I am over the moon.

Nichola S