Stop Smoking


After years of failed attempts at stopping smoking, fate seemed to bring me to Adrienne and she agreed that along with my desire to give up smoking, she would treat me with hypnotherapy. I’ll be honest and say I was unsure at first, probably even a bit sceptical, but was willing to try anything.

Adrienne is warm, welcoming and made me feel at ease immediately, the process I found to be straightforward, calming and so relaxing, but best of all I’ve not smoked at all since, not one!!

I can’t thank you enough Adrienne, here’s to a healthier, guilt-free, smoke-free future.

Yvonne G




I have never been a great sleeper, but things got worse after a life event two years ago. I would lie in bed for hours and stare at the ceiling or play games on my phone.

I had a session with Adrienne, during which she gave me hints and tips around sleep and used an NLP technique on me. I am now asleep within 10 minutes!! I wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day ahead.

Now that I have had the session, I wonder why I let the problem persist for so long.
I am surprised at how quickly things changed!

Lyndsay G


Emotional Detox


I had an amazing session with Adrienne Nicol two weeks ago and I can honestly say it has helped me let go of something which was holding me back.

I need to regroup my thoughts and get back to being me and I can honestly say it worked.

If you are looking to regroup yourself and get back to being you, this is the lady for you. I cannot recommend enough.

Pauline S


Stop Smoking


My Mum and Dad both stopped smoking through ill health a few years ago, so it was a huge disappointment when I started smoking.

Usually a massive trigger for me is family arguments, stress, work life etc. I was so committed to stop but with other people smoking I couldn’t not.

I am so glad I contacted Adrienne as since our session I have had no triggers or thoughts about smoking. To say my Dad is happy is an understatement, and he can finally stop threatening to start smoking again.

Thank you Adrienne!

Rachel C


Weight Management


I want to let you know how amazed I am of your gastric band hypnosis. To be honest I was sceptical of it.

To my great surprise I totally lost my desire for sweets. Instead of reaching out for my usual pieces of chocolate or granola bars, I choose a fruit….yes, go figure.  I also asked, during my “reprogramming” to avoid eating rice. As you can guess, I don’t even want a grain of rice while my family enjoys it. So, for me it’s a big win and I’m looking forward for the good results to show up in my blood work as I see on my scale for me it’s a win.

Thank you Adrienne again and again.


Ofra K


From Job Stress to a New Job


I reached out to Adrienne after going through a rough couple of weeks at work which had heightened my anxiety and stress levels to the point I was signed off.

I had a session with Adrienne the night before I had a job interview for a new role which was ultimately a change that had to be made for my mental health. Adrienne talked me through everything and explained what we would be doing. Throughout the session I was relaxed and managed to let go of my main anxieties surrounding work, feelings or resentment and isolation.

I can’t explain how but I came away from the session feeling lighter and optimistic. I had let go of my resentment, stress and anxieties which had been controlling my entire existence for weeks. Adrienne helped me to achieve the beginning of a change of my mindset. She encouraged me to let go and be myself in the interview the next day and I did exactly that. I allowed my passion for my work to take centre stage rather than my anxieties.

After the interview I felt hugely positive and ended up getting the job later that day.

Amy B




I’m not sure what has changed, but something most certainly has. I feel “lighter” somehow.

Since the session, two things have happened which would normally have triggered an overly emotional response and I found myself not reacting to either of them as I would normally.

Also, my sleep, I have slept soundly every night since. It is like the panic button has been removed from me and this is exactly what I wanted…to stop thinking and overreacting.

I would 100% recommend, My family have all noticed a difference and I love the new me.

Christine McG


Weight Management


I have had some hypnotherapy and change therapies from Adrienne over the past few weeks. The latest being a Hypno Gastric band.. it has been absolutely amazing. I can’t describe how fantastic I now feel. Adrienne tailored my hypnosis to my specific goals. I WAS a sugar addict. I’m looking forward to a new healthier ME.

I woke up and went to make my usual morning coffee. Lifted the sugar and went to spoon the usual two scoops in and I couldn’t. All I could hear and feel was the triggers Adrienne set. I am over the moon.

Nichola S


Lockdown Struggles


I stumbled across Adrienne by chance through a mutual friend and contacted her on a whim. I had been really struggling during the lockdown and needed a re-set session. I went into it with my eyes and heart open and really wanting to change my mindset, and I noticed an immediate change. Can’t put my finger on it….it just made things click and I found myself calm and content for the first time in a very long time.

I’ve since worked with her on what was intended to be a gastric band course (break the boredom eating cycle) but it went into soooo much more. A lot of life coaching, a lot of self-belief and love encouragement and just a massive overall push to positivity. I can’t thank her enough. I’m feeling well, I’m happy, I’ve lost weight.

I am pretty sure I will be turning to her in future for top-ups, and support when needed, and I am going to miss our chats in-between times.

One thing I will say….don’t walk into this expecting miracles without being totally switched on and ready to change. She cant make you change, but she can equip you with all the tools you need to want to change and choose to change.

Finally, shes a real sound person. Warm and funny and instantly likeable.

Christine McG


Weight Management


She was so lovely to work with. Coaching is intangible but Impact is tangible.

I completed the first session with Adrienne where we did an Emotional Detox and Gastric Band Session.

Returning for my second session I expected to get a repeat of the first.

What I loved about my session with Adrienne is that sometimes we go in wanting one thing but end up getting what we actually need. What is going to be of real benefit? I was convinced hypnotherapy would just fix everything, but in this instance, that was removing my accountability. Hypnotherapy may be one of the tools in Adrienne’s toolbox but thankfully she knows more than me and knew just what tool would do the job.

Making me feel better about myself for having a real part to play.

Thanks, Adrienne.

Lesley W


Hit the Reset button


If you’re feeling like you need that extra bit of help to reach some goals or just needing to hit the reset button, then I recommend Adrienne.

Even if you are not sure right now, give her page a follow to see updates and get a bit more info. Adrienne is lovely and friendly and will answer any questions you have if you are not sure about something.

Wendy H


Weight Management


I recently had gastric band hypnosis session with Adrienne. She made me feel at ease and was very professional.

I started to notice some changes in my food choices within the first few days. I then caught a heavy cold and I messaged Adrienne as I wanted to keep on reducing my weight. She sent me a personalised video that she had captured with my permission during the session.

To my delight, it was like I was in the room with her, and I could feel the full effect again.
I happily recommend her to my friends.

Natalie W