Pain Control

Pain Control

  • Do you suffer from pain on a regular basis?
  • Are you suffering persistent pain from an old injury?
  • Are you a migraine sufferer?

Some people don’t appreciate the power of the psychological element to the physical pain they experience.

Hypnotherapy and NLP work towards turning down the pain levels caused by the psychological element to control the pain to make it more manageable.

Do you want your pain to be more manageable?


Emotional Detox

 I had an amazing session with Adrienne Nicol two weeks ago and I can honestly say it has helped me let go of something which was holding me back.

I need to regroup my thoughts and get back to being me and I can honestly say it worked.

If you are looking to regroup yourself and get back to being you, this is the lady for you. I cannot recommend enough.

Pauline S